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TU/e shows provocative use of technology and poetic beauty during the Dutch Design Week

The Eindhoven University of Technology has the most innovative Department of Industrial Design in the Netherlands. During the Dutch Design Week, a short distance from the railway station, the University shows a variety of amazing, fascinating and brilliant designs from students, as well as results of research projects. This is refreshing at an event (the DDW) where a lot of beautiful and fascinating designs are shown but where the visitor wonders: "nice, but what can I do with them?". In the main building of the TU/e, in the centre of the campus, the answer to that question is clear. Moreover, you can try everything out for yourself, explore and imagine!

There is Sensible Music by Stefan Zwegers; a wearable product that decreases the risk of hearing-loss because it allows the user to feel the beat of the music on his MP3-player or Tactile Texting by Guust Hilte: a device which enables people to input text one-handedly and "blindly" during activities like cycling or walking. Those are only two examples from a vast selection of innovating concepts: from a nano supermarket where everything related to extremely small technology is shown, to a new system that puts economic value into our natural resources: ECO currency.

So, when coming to Eindhoven, don't forget to visit ID'10 at the TU/e campus to experience a provocative use of technology, common sense, practical ingenuity and poetic beauty.