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Keep an Eye Social Intelligent Design Award

Many health care projects that are using the newest technology to support people getting older take their social setting as a given and thus do often not address the factor of social isolation. This is enhanced because elderly are no longer a part of our working community. How can we make sure that they are not caught in social isolation at home, or that they feel that they are a burden to the community? The "Keep an Eye Social Intelligent Design" project explores together with 15 elderly the possibility of "creating a new society" in which all generations are valued and needed, and in which the elderly exchange knowledge and skills across the different generations. The winning design team will receive a grant for to develop the design further, and if possible made production ready.

Award ceremony: Thursday 28 October, 13:30 - 17:00 hours, ID'10

 By Sippe Duisters, Yves Florack, Ewelina Szymanska, Stephan Hoes By Luuk Beursgens, Sander Bogers, Gilles van Wanrooij By Mark Thielen, Idowu Ayoola, Rik van Donselaar, Roland Coops  By Sijme Geurts, Niko van Meurs, Nicolas Nelson, Manon Spermon